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I don’t like getting telemarketing calls. I must admit that I’m guilty of being a telemarketer in my younger days, but I still don’t like getting calls from them. They call you at all the wrong moments with one goal in mind: to sell you something! I’m a polite person so I can’t hang up on someone, this trait forces me to patiently listen to the whole sales pitch until the end. Then I give them a reason why I don’t want it and Alas! They always have a rebuke, I can’t blame them because it’s part of the job, but some of the rebukes sound like a borderline argument to my statement. It’s a real pain!

When I heard that a new anti-telemarketing legislation has passed I was ecstatic. It allowed a person to put their telephone number on a no call list which prevented telemarketing companies from calling that number.

Unfortunately not all things in life are perfect and neither is this legislation. I remember getting numerous phone calls from a local phone company which offered its products. The worst part is that I was already signed up with them. They really had no reason to call me. I notified the person calling that I wanted my name to be removed from the list. The person responded with an annoyed “yeah, sure” and hung up. I was not convinced and I guess I was right. Calls kept coming and coming and every time they would assure me that they will remove my name. I even spoke to a supervisor, but it did not help.

A friend of mine suggested that I run a reverse phone lookup on their number and send an official letter of intent to their head office. And that’s what I did, next time they called I got the name of the individual calling went to a reverse phone number lookup portal and ran their phone number through their database. It gave me the companies postal address. I sent an official letter to them, warning them that I will pursue legal actions if they continue this harassment.

It’s been 3 months and I’m yet to receive a call from them, guess reverse phone really works.